Séminaires vinicoles et repas dégustatifs

dimanche le 28 octobre
19 H 00
St. James Gate Event Center, 14 Church St.

Most people don’t believe that a wine glass can overly affect our perception and enjoyment of a wine.  If you’re one of them, the world-famous Riedel Wine Glass seminar will change your mind and affect your understanding of wine glasses forever!

Riedel Crystal is the world’s greatest wine glass producer.  Riedel originated the concept of creating specific wine glass shapes designed to enhance a wine grape’s personality and flavour, and you won’t believe the difference this makes.  There is so much more than just using a different glass for red and white wines.  This seminar will blow your mind!

Join Riedel Crystal’s Canadian Sales Manager Mr. Stewart Risto for an exploration of the impact of glass shape on four different top quality wines…two red and two white wines.  The tasting set you will use is the new Riedel 'Performance' line and we are pleased to be their eastern Canada launch event.  The four glass set you will use in this new, ‘first in Canada’ tasting experience retails for $149.80 (plus HST & shipping) and is yours to keep at the end of this fascinating seminar.

We will have up to 130 extra tasting sets available for purchase after this tasting at a significant discount from retail. Thanks to the generosity of Riedel Crystal, all net proceeds go to support the continuing community efforts lof Alcool NB Liquor’s Community Foundation (all proceeds stay in our area).

Price: $85 including wine, tax and your own Riedel 'Performance' 4-glass tasting set.

NOTE:  Staff from Alcool NB Liquor will be on hand offering a chance to buy a limited supply of these great wines in advance of the Grand Tasting sessions.Performance Wine Glass Set



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