Each exciting wine tasting will be held ‘live’ on Thursday evenings, and a recorded replay of this tasting will be available for tastings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s all you need do:

1: Go to most ANBL 'Experience' stores and buy your wine.
Each seminar/tasting will cover 4 different wines. You don't have to buy all of the wines...just the ones that you want to be part of your tasting. However, the tasting will definitely be more informative and fun if you have all 4...a very good reason to invite some friends over for 'your' tasting!  The listing of wines for the upcoming virtual wine seminars can be seen HERE. Note that there is a limited quantity of wine available…so don't delay! 

2: Now that you've got your wine, purchase a 'ticket' to participate in these exciting wine tastings by clicking the ‘REGISTRATION’ button next to each seminar. You will be taken to the appropriate registration page for further details.  The live tastings at 7PM on Thursday evenings are just $20 per household...not per person!!!  This 'live' session will be replayed on Friday at 7PM, Saturday at 2 & 4 PM, and Sunday at 2 & 4 PM.  Note that you can only sign up for the replay sessions beginning Friday morning.  After payment (PayPal...no account necessary), you will be redirected back to our site to complete the registration process (just confirm your time slot, and enter your first name and email address).

​​​​​​​3: ​​​​​​​Pop the corks, sit back and enjoy yourself.
Get together with friends, or simply enjoy at home in a safe environment. Either way, we think you will find these virtual tastings exciting, educational and entertaining.  

And all those who register will receive a small gift from us attached to their confirmation email upon completing the registration process.  Our way of saying thank you and welcome...and it will be a handy tool to help keep you organized during the tasting.

NP: Remember, you can only sign up for the weekend tastings beginning Friday morning.  Here is the exciting schedule:

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