wine tastings with Sommelier
Bill Vance

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Virtual wine tastings

Just to make sure you don’t forget how much fun it is to learn about new wines during this challenging time, we are happy to present to you an exciting lineup of virtual wine tastings!

Each exciting wine tasting will be held ‘live’ on Thursday evenings, and a recorded replay of this tasting will be available for tastings on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening.

1. Go to any ANBL ‘Experience’ store and buy your wine (on or after Oct. 5).
2. Purchase a ‘ticket’ to participate in this exciting wine tasting.
3. Pop the corks, sit back and enjoy yourself.

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Due to the impact of the covid-19 virus and the various safety measures the New Brunswick government has announced, it is unlikely that any large events such as the World Wine & Food Expo will be allowed to proceed in 2020. Even if it became permissible to host such a large public gathering, we the organizers cannot in good conscience proceed based on our concern for attendee safety.

For that reason, we are announcing the cancellation of the 2020 Wine Expo. A planned rescheduling for late January 2021 has now been canceled as well. So we are now looking forward to November 2021, and it is our hope that we can safely host the Wine Expo then.

We are planning an exciting lineup of online wine tastings and seminars beginning in October 2020…just to make sure you don’t forget how much fun it is to learn about new wines. Please stay tuned…there are lots of great wine-tasting opportunities coming up.