Welcome to the 26th edition of the World Wine & Food Expo. WOW! We are proud to be Canada’s second oldest wine event (after Vancouver) and continue to offer Atlantic Canada’s largest and most exciting week of wine events. And we’re working hard to ensure the 2016 Wine Expo is the best ever!

We know that all wine lovers will be interested in the extraordinary lineup of events designed to celebrate the wonderful world of wine and food. We strive to educate, entertain and excite you with a full week of wine, food and lifestyle activities, and we take great pride in our role of sharing and promoting a healthy lifestyle and love of wine.

In 2015, the offering of great wines and wine related charity events contributed greatly to local health and culture related charities, and we are sure that our 2016 lineup of events will continue our commitment to these worthy causes.

Our ongoing commitment to your pleasure is a promise…from one wine lover to another.

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World Wine & Food Expo